Comfiest sweatpants & hoodies to go out and just Shine at home. Be Unique, dressing in Modern Shine!

Comfiest sweatpants & hoodies to go out and just Shine at home. Be Unique, dressing in Modern Shine!

   When we think about being “fashionable,” the first thing that comes to mind is high fashion—that we have to don clothes made by multi-million-dollar brands. But it doesn’t have to be.

   You can still be fab even in the comforts of your activewear. Yes, even a pair of leggings or joggers paired with a sweater or sweatshirt can do the trick as long as you know which one matches with which.

   Take a jogger or legging, for example. It can be a very versatile piece of clothing and can be worn with almost anything. But, before we go through that, let’s define what a jogger is. Joggers/Leggings have an elastic waist, have a roomy fit through the hips, backside, and thighs; the fit then tapers down around your ankles.

   The joggers you see in the market right now are often monochromatic—they’re all available in one color—often greys, whites, blacks, navy blues. However, there’s a rising trend in the popularity of comfort wear embellished with rhinestones, thus giving the common joggers a much-needed aesthetic overhaul.

   When choosing joggers as part of your fashion identity, the first consideration is to pick one that fits your body type. Then, if you’re wearing one for a special occasion, it’s best to pair it with heels, a nice shirt, some accessories, and/or a bag. Aside from the usually cool fabric, some joggers are made with leather or polyester; you can choose these if you’re gunning for a more formal look.

   Speaking of adding some flair into the joggers, you can finish your look with a nice pair of footwear. You can choose to pair it with great-looking sneakers, ankle boots, or even pointed-toe heels depending on the occasion.

   2021 has given us time to appreciate the beauty and versatility of sweatshirts and sweaters. However, staying at home made us realize that we can still look pretty and fab despite being wrapped in our favorite comfort wear.

   While primarily designed to keep us warm, sweaters can be a nice fashion statement even during summer (as long as it’s not scorching hot outside). Similar to joggers, the usual sweatshirts are boring, monochromatic, and lack personality. Fortunately, there’s a market for rhinestone-embellished hoodies that give it a jolt of style and comfort at the same time.

   You can easily pair these types of sweatshirt/hoodies with a skater shirt, while a pair of ankle boots could easily give it some class and allure. For guys, you can pair it with slim-fit jeans and a pair of your trusty sneakers.

   For both, don’t feel confined with the usual color and designs! We recognize that most sweatshirts and joggers are in the typical white, grey, and black shade but feel free to pick any color that you see fit. Choosing an amber-colored sweatshirt is still complementary to a dark-colored jogger or pants, so feel free to experiment.

   If you would like to take it a step further and add more sparkle to your fashion picks, then check out what Modern Shine Clothing has in store for you. Aside from the glittery allure of Modern Shine’s collection, the clothes are made of top-notch materials from Turkey—guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. In addition, they have an extensive collection of your favorite active and comfort wear that will surely match your everyday needs.

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