About Us

Welcome to Modern Shine Online Women Clothing Boutique!

Kate Hutchens Owner of Modern Shine Clothing Boutique

Fashion plays an important part in our identity. If you are looking for fashionable, shiny, and high-quality clothing, you are at the right place.

My name is Kate Hutchens, I am the owner of Modern Shine. Originally, I am from Ukraine, and I’ve been living in the USA for almost 5 years. I have financial and business experience, and a love of fashion to showcase the unique European style.

Since I was a kid, I was already into fashion, my mom is a master seamstress, and she was teaching me about the importance of quality and constriction in a garment. At that time, she was making exclusive ballroom dancing outfits. Yes, that one with lots of rhinestones, sparkles, and glitter. Since that time, I fell in love with shiny clothing.

Lately, when I was pursuing my master’s degree in accounting, as I was helping my brother and his wife with their little women's clothing shop, I dreamt about creating my own clothing line.

When I moved to the US from Ukraine, I realized there is a lack of boutiques that sell quality clothing with rhinestones and sparkles. I searched far and wide, and sadly, there just wasn't enough. Finally, it dawned on me that if this was the case, my dream might come true, and I could start my own clothing store. I love everything with rhinestones, and I was sure that many women love it too. Bolstered by this, I took up the courage and started my online clothing boutique - Modern Shine.

As a boutique owner, I’ve been looking for a solution to ensure women have access to high-quality and shiny clothing without succumbing to the temptations of fast fashion. I wanted to come up with something that will help women foster their sense of self and express their clothing choices.

My goal is to make fashionable, shiny, and high-quality clothing more accessible and affordable. At the center of my mission is to use Turkish Textile—as you know it is proclaimed as one of the best in the world.

A quick browse of the catalog, and you will notice that all products are made of Turkish Premium Quality Fabrics. There are a lot of amazing pieces, ideal for everyday wear, sports, outdoor activities, and special occasions. All products have unique European design with quality rhinestones that gives them a special look.

Are you excited to see what is in store? Please visit the products page to see the full range of clothing. From business attire to casual wear to trendy wear to activewear and many more, find the best type of clothing that suits your personality and taste at Modern Shine.

And don't forget, it's time to shine!