High-Quality Clothing Alterations, Tailoring, and Repair Services

Transform your beloved garments into something new with our expert tailoring services. From shortening hems to restructuring gowns, we have the skills and creativity to revive your couture pieces.


Hi, my name is Olena, I am a master seamstress

Our master seamstress, Olena, has over 40 years of experience in working with a wide range of fabrics, including leather, fur, silk, and satin. With her immaculate attention to detail and professional orientation in textile, fur and leather work, Olena will individually care for each item as if it were her own. Trust us to alter, repair, or create a new piece of clothing that you'll love to wear



Here are some of our prices, please keep in mind that NOT all alterations are the same so pricing may be different


  • Hem length $10.00
  • Hem with Lining $15.00
  • Hem with a cuff $15.00
  • Take in waist $15.00
  • Take in sides $15.00
  • Move waistband $15.00
  • Replace waist elastic $8.00
  • Close pockets $5.00
  • Remove Pocket $8.00
  • Change Zipper $10.00
  • Take in Crotch $ 10.00
  • Jeans regular hem $10.00
  • Jeans take in Waist $15.00
  • Jeans take in Sides $15.00
  • Jeans Change Zipper $10.00


  • Hem length $7.00
  • Hem sleeves $8.00
  • Hem sleeves with cuff $10.00
  • Buttons move or replace $0.50 each

Dresses Short or Casual:

  • Hem $10.00
  • Take-in/Let-out sides $10.00
  • Zipper changes $10.00

Gowns and Long dresses:

  • Hem narrow $15.00
  • Hem wide $20.00


We are here to assist you with your fitting and tailoring needs. Feel free to contact us for appointments or other inquiries.

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